When StylePHX began in 2010 we had Community in mind, so we’re especially excited for last year’s expansion into sustainability and community empowerment through Grow|StylePHX, our garden space within Project Roots AZ’s local community garden at Spaces of Opportunity.

While deciding to create our Garden in early 2021, we were mostly interested in learning more about (and contributing to) our community’s sustainability and health. In the time that we’ve been toiling away in our community garden space, we’ve grown so much more than just food for the body – we’ve expanded our energy, minds, and capacity to support others, too. Most specifically, we’ve learned that growing with our community is much more fun and rewarding than growing alone. The sense of connection that comes from sharing successes, supporting (and being supported) when something disappointing happens, and being able to look around and see others working with nature for something truly great remains unmatched. 

Connecting with Mother Nature is therapeutic. Gently covering seeds with soil, stroking the fragrant leaves of basil, and watching the insects flit between plants is a powerful reminder that we are all connected. We’re grateful to Bridget “Being the Light” Pettis, Dionne Washington and their team at Project Roots AZ for the vision they had for this community garden space, and for sharing it with StylePHX.


You can learn more about Project Roots and their co-founders, Dionne Washington and former Phoenix Mercury Player & WNBA Coach Bridget Pettis, from ProjectRootsAZ.org.


Written by: Michele Sampson Edited by: Katie Shin   “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank…

Written by: Michele Sampson Edited by: Katie Shin “In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.” – Alice Walker We’ve probably all read about the decimation of the honey…

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