I used to be a stylist for people: their wardrobe, their fashion, their "look" and image. But now I'm a stylist of people: their love, their light, their freedom and power. While years of the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry was an experience many would die for, nothing compares to using my talents to make one's TRUE beauty shine.

What we choose to accessorize our bodies with - the jewelry, shoes, clothes, shades - is most definitely a key indicator of who we desire to be (and will always hold a dear piece of my heart, as my closet will tell you), but what we choose to accessorize our LIFE with is a key representation of our own belief in self, our confidence, our connection to the power of #God within. While I love fashion, and I loved meshing that interest with music, sports, film and art, I now love meshing my passions for general STYLE with those same things, but with a focus on life-style and designing oneself rather than fabrics.

As a stylist, I was able to unlock freedom and excitement within many of my clients simply by offering them glimpses into another side of themselves--a more stylishly refined or adventurous side, taking risks while remaining grounded in their foundation.

But now, as a lifestylist (yes, I may have made that up years back, but it SHOULD be a word, if it wasn’t already), I've been able to impact those exact same things for others but with a push from WITHIN, not only allowing my personal style to influence others, as it always has, but my spiritual style, my soul style, my business style and my mind style...THIS is the beauty of style & the beauty of making my mark.

This is the entire beauty behind allowing myself to create my own style, unobstructed by the many hardships and setbacks experienced along the way, and helping others freely and fully create their own style, too. And for this, I'm immeasurably grateful. I used to piece together the perfect combinations of a powerful look, now I'm allowed the opportunity to piece together the perfect combination of a powerful life.

Thanks for following bits of the public journey throughout the years. - ALRS

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