The Short:

Explorer | Grower | Writer | Artist | Advisor

Michele is a grower of people, plants and ideas and enjoys learning and trying new methods to spur healthy growth. Her green thumb extends beyond the Grow|StylePHX Garden – she also fosters growth and empowerment for people with love and sincerity, both professionally and personally.

The Long:

After decades working in leadership positions in a variety of fields including government, the restaurant industry, and the mining and manufacturing industry, Michele left her position as a Human Resource Manager with a Fortune 500 company in 2020 to pivot to her passions as a Writer and a Grower. Now, living her best life, she writes about people, places and things she thinks are interesting, publishing nearly a dozen articles so far, writing a garden blog and working on a book. In addition to being a grower with the Grow|StylePHX Garden, she is a grower of people and businesses, advising on leadership development, relationship building, empowerment and performance management.

Michele became interested in community and group dynamics while earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from the University of Utah. Having experienced struggles as a single mother, she is passionate about the building blocks of a healthy community, mentally, physically and financially, especially as they help women and children.

As part of her focus on community, she enjoys volunteering her time, which has included food banks, warming shelters, feeding the elderly and unsheltered populations, teaching computer classes to non-English speaking women, teaching garden classes with children, and organizing a football camp with NFL players for young athletes. She currently focuses on volunteer projects that strengthen and empower people, especially women and underserved communities.

In her free time, Michele is an explorer and loves to read about, see and do new things. She is an avid traveler and enjoys everything from bustling international destinations to local under the radar attractions and ghost towns.

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