Overcoming Fashion Fears: Know Your Body Type & Embrace What Flatters You


plural noun: fears
  1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

When it comes to fashion, not everyone is expected to be an expert. We are however, expected to know enough to present ourselves well and look put together, so it’s important to begin facing our fashion fears and overcoming what holds us back from living as our most stylish selves.

One simple step toward looking more stylish is learning (then knowing and understanding) our body type so we can embrace what flatters us most and stay clear of what doesn’t serve our body’s most amazing aspects.

We can all think of those women who ALWAYS look great, no matter what they’re doing or what they’re wearing, right? Well, this is how you start to become THAT woman…because, trust me, she knows what looks best on her (and what doesn’t). And she only wears what looks best on her - at all times, no matter what - and it’s actually not that difficult to do, so let’s give it a try by learning something new and embracing it from now on.

A simple Google search for “body type” can bring up millions of resources to help you understand which “type” of body you have. From there, you can learn what styles of clothing tend to be most flattering for your particular body. This is especially important as you become more aware of style’s impact on your lifestyle and the successful steps it can provide for your future endeavors.

One common misconception is what looks good on one person should also look good on us - and if it doesn’t, it’s because our body isn’t as great as theirs. But that’s definitely not the case for most of us. Most likely, what doesn’t look good on us is simply because it’s not meant to fit or flatter our particular body shape.

For example, I’m a curvy woman (and have always been curvy, even as a child), and what looks really great on my thinner, less curvy friends has never looked the same on me. In the same way, though, what looks great on me doesn’t often look great on them. If I’m comparing myself to others who don’t have similar shapes as me  and expecting their clothes to look great on me, I’ll forever be disappointed, insecure and under the impression I just can’t “pull that off.”

In reality, knowing my assets and focusing on highlighting them rather than focusing on covering up my “imperfections”  makes all the difference in my clothing choices, my style, and my overall confidence.

Take a look at a body type chart, which gives examples of a few different body types, and determine if your body closely resembles any of them (likely it will, but if it doesn’t, you can click on the image and you’ll find more pictures and articles that include more body shapes than this one). Now, research clothes that fit YOUR body type. You’ll find a plethora of articles that’ll guide you through the best and most flattering options for yourself as well as tips and tricks to adjust items you probably already have in your closet.

If cinching your waist with a belt will make you appear 10 pounds thinner in a matter of moments, why not overcome the fears causing you to cover up like a tent so you can automatically look sexier with one simple step?

If adjusting the length or cut of your pants can elongate the look of your legs, why not overcome the fears holding you back from showing off your ankles (they’re probably not as fat as you think they are anyway)?

If sticking with v-neck tops can minimize the focus on your busty chest, why not try that out? If shortening your blazers can make you look less stumpy and frumpy, why not embrace that? Okay, this could go on forever, but I’m sure you get my point.

My goal is to help you face your fears by becoming more knowledgeable about your options and having the confidence to try them out. Wishing you the best as you embark on your “fear-facing, body embracing  journey! As always, you’re supported and loved for your beauty along the way, and just remember: You’re Superman, not Clark Kent - Don’t hide behind your basic style and office desk…Be the awesome YOU you were born as, and you can save the world one person at a time (starting with yourself)!

You can learn more about Ashley LaRae - our StylePHX Founder and retired Stylist to the stars - by visiting our Meet Ashley page.

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