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The Power of Spending 10 Minutes in Nature

Nature: The single most connecting space for ideas and power. 

When we're stuck in an office for too long (a home office included), our minds stagnate and energetic vibrations cease to flow.
However, when we are able to head into beautiful open spaces of nature, take deep breaths and simply connect, we'll find that innovative ideas and solutions are divinely guided for the sole purpose of advancing our dreams forward.
Spending even 10-15 minutes outside can offer opportunities for stillness that can benefit an entire day. And lookie here, that's the same amount of time most people are allotted for their work breaks, so maybe you even get to bask in the benefits twice! 

We spend so much time in the rat race of daily living that we neglect to connect to our soul, our higher self, our angels, god, source, the universe (insert name for greatness beyond our small-minded human way of life here). Often times while we have the ability to tap into such benefits regardless of where we are, it takes stepping outside and watching the breeze flow through the trees, the vastness of space in front of us or the birds flying so freely from one place to the next for our minds to connect back to the reality behind our access to the same freedom.
We feel confined, stressed out, overworked, unhealthy, tired, rundown, imprisoned, controlled and/or stuck, and this most definitely can cause a blockage with our blessings, even if simply through perception. But the more we make the effort to get out and connect to all that this open and ever-expanding universe has to offer, the more beauty, success, peace, prosperity and happiness we'll see facing us in return.

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