Modernity With a Side of Nature

Modernity With a Side of Nature

Modern: adjective mod·ern ˈmä-dərn, ÷ˈmä-d(ə-)rən : a person who advocates or practices a departure from traditional styles or values

To be modern yet still be grounded with nature & flow can be a fine line to walk for many people, brands and businesses.
Often, being on one end of an extreme seems to be the ideal branding technique for Creatives, but to truly encompass two sides of a coin is beautifully unique and impressive in one. This is where we have to buckle down and focus in on what we actually represent vs what we want to represent and learn how to achieve the collaboration between the two.
While departing from tradition is often the most innovative way to create, sometimes we can be too extreme, which remains an off-putting experience for most people who approach us or our company. As a brand we often decide we will be THIS or THAT and in turn we become only this or that, which leaves out the bulk of people who would also be interested in what we have to offer but don't resonate with our modern approach. Cases like these often see failure because the brand isn't able to adapt and reach a more versatile audience. 
Additionally, when we limit ourselves to only one thing or the other, we are most often diminishing some of our most unique and lovable aspects. For example, in my case, when I first started my business as a celebrity fashion stylist, I was so focused on fashion and style that others never knew I had so many additional skills that could be used to their benefit. I was on one end of the extreme and had a hard time breaking free and being taken seriously in other areas of interest. Even in regards to my lifestyle, I was stylish and contemporary but others had no clue I was such a free spirit who gained my inspiration from both nature and spirituality. They didn't know I could write, they had no clue I could consult in other industries, and they definitely didn't realize I had such a strong background in finance, majored in Psychology or used to draw architectural floor plans as a child instead of coloring in coloring books.
My  approach didn't clearly sway from the tradition of my industry, instead it conformed and boxed me in.
A key part of success is learning how to pull all beautiful pieces of you, your business or your brand together to encompass all ends of what you represent from within.
Only by doing this, will you be an authentic representation of true modernity (departing from tradition)...and only by departing from tradition can we make a new, refreshing and unique mark.


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