A Simple Exercise for Releasing Limiting Beliefs


  1. an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
  2. trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.
A belief is a thought we keep thinking over and over - The mind will constantly search for things to validate what it believes to be true and will always find things to build upon those truths. Our mind will focus on anything that relates to those beliefs and will eliminate things that don't match them from our field of perception. The mind's focus will constantly be on those beliefs and what makes them true for us.
To reach our goals and become the people we desire to be, we must eliminate those limiting beliefs so our mind won't continue to support a reality based on those things. In order to release those limiting beliefs, we must reprogram our mind's default system so it no longer resonates with people and circumstances that match those beliefs.

If you'd like to release your limiting beliefs, here are 4 simple steps that'll help:
1. The first step to clearing your limiting beliefs is NAMING THEM. Take a few moments to be completely honest with yourself and make a list of the beliefs you have that prevent you from manifesting your desires. For example, you may want money and financial freedom but then you think, "...but that would never happen to me."
When you think about what you want, what does your INNER CRITIC tell you about these things? What reasons does it give you that you can't have them? These are your limiting beliefs that block you from having what you want.
NAME these beliefs. Maybe they're called "beliefs of powerlessness" or "beliefs of impossibility" - Whatever you call them, make sure it resonates with you.
2. Next, SEPARATE yourselves from these beliefs. Realize these beliefs are not YOU. They are attitudes or thoughts that just ARE, but they don't have to be a part of you. Say to yourself "beliefs of [powerlessness] have nothing to do with me or who I am. Yes, they are beliefs, but they are not ME. I am SEPARATE FROM THEM." If you're more visual, imagine yourself and these beliefs as separating until you see yourself apart from your belief.
3. Once you see yourself as separate from these beliefs, THANK this belief system for trying to protect you and assist you in your life. This belief probably came from your childhood and you've carried it around as a means to shield you from anything uncomfortable that is related to it. This belief likely offered you many subconscious reasons for why it was good for you. It's been your protector and assistant. The benefits received from this belief are typically what keeps a person comfortable enough to maintain the belief, but these same benefits also keep us from what we truly desire.
To fully move past these limiting beliefs, you must be able to recognize the benefits they once offered and thank them for their service. With this being said, take a few minutes to pinpoint some of the benefits you've received from these beliefs. Then, thank them for their loyal service to you.
4. Now, release your limiting beliefs. Once your name your beliefs that hold you back, separate yourselves from them, and give them gratitude for the good they attempted to offer you, you can let them go. You can now realize this belief once had a good reason for being in your life, probably now recognize that because you have progressed into the person you are now, this reason now stands to block your success. So the most logical step to manifest what you want is to allow this belief to completely be released from your life.
A great way to do this is by announcing:
"I send you back into the universe so you can reside in the realm of all possibilities" - or - "I send you back to source energy so you can heal and grow." You may even need to give the belief all the reasons why it'll be happier where you're sending it. You can tell this belief, "You will love residing in the energetic world of all possibilities. Because you have wanted to be so helpful, you are now allowed to spend your days with all of the other possibilities and grow into the best version of yourself.

To close out the exercise, you can end with this prayer:
"I embrace the belief of [powerlessness]. Although you have always been here to help me and have served me well, you are separate from me and have nothing to do with who I am now. Thank you for assisting me when I needed you, but I am moving on with my life as unrelated to you. I send you back to the universe so you can occupy the realm of all possibilities. You are now free to reside with all of the other beliefs in a place where you are now accepted and loved. I am now free to live as I choose and create what I want. I now graciously release my limiting beliefs in a loving yet decisive way."

Photo by David Charles Schuett on Unsplash

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