Honduras – Garifuna Eating

Garifuna Eating

My trip to Honduras didn't come without a few realizations about eating habits and simplicity. As a pescetarian, I had nothing to worry about when I got to the island; In fact, I was blown away by their variety of seafood, as it didn't cross my mind that they simply catch their fish from the crystal clear ocean that's less than 50 feet from their front door. 



One of the most impressive parts of the Punta Gorda village is how their people are self-sufficient in ways that the US only dreams of. For us, it's a delicacy to eat shrimp, lobster and king crab every day, but for Garifuna, they have the freedom and resources to soar along their beautiful, still ocean and come back to the island with enough deliciousness to feed their family or sell for profit (I bought the king crab below for $5 USD from Bala's uncle. It took 3 of us to eat it all. $5.)




Each day I was in Punta Gorda, I ate like a king. It's these little things that make me question how "great" our lives really are in comparison to how great they've made their daily grind. Many of us have access to nearly anything we desire (at a high price, of course) but they have direct, personal, easy access to many of these same things. Their access is within the realm of simplicity and contentment. If they want lobster, they go get lobster. Simple. Easy. Free. Bala caught this snapper and his aunt cooked this dish for us in less than an hour...packed with flavor and tenderness. 


And then, as a woman who believes in the miracle of coconut oil, a woman who uses coconut oil for everything from hair conditioner, face and body wash, toothpaste and mouthwash, lotion, sunscreen AND sunblock, antibacterial and anti-fungal, baking and cooking oil, to anything else I can possibly think of (my typical words: "Just put some coconut oil on it."), I was absolutely amazed at their easy access to coconuts and their numerous benefits. Of course, a tropical place would have coconuts, yes, I know. But access to my #1 go-to was just so easy. Me: "Bala, let's get some coconuts." Bala: "Okay, come on," as we walk 20 feet away and snag 2 coconuts, crack them open with a machete, and drink. Even better, we eat. So simple. I pay $15.99 for a large jar of coconut oil from Sprouts monthly. They make theirs. I pay for coconut water, they crack one open and drink. Just like that.



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