What I Learned About Breaking Confining Patterns This Week


verb sur·ren·der sə-ˈren-dər  : surrendered; surrendering
transitive verb a : to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand <surrendered the fort>

The other day I was sitting in my car trying to recalibrate my energy and pondering how to feel free in moments when I'm circled back to unsatisfying and anxious situations I know I need to leave but don't have the clarity for next steps.
After a few deep, cleansing breaths and some time clearing my mind, I rested my own thoughts, and "Break confining patterns" came to mind. So, I sat back with my pen and notepad to write down what else came to me. Not surprisingly, unique yet straightforward concepts and statements came to me, as usual, and I'm going out on a limb to assume someone else might find them fascinating like I did. However, I'm also very aware that many people will be like, "What the hell is this cuckoo talking about? She's clearly delirious." I'm okay with whichever one, so word for word (in its full stylistic peculiarity...I didn't change any words or adjust the way it was written down, so excuse the oddity of its authenticity), this is what happened next:
Break confining patterns.
I ask: What are they?
Overcome fears and worries about "the worst that can happen." Overcome fears of others' judgements or   offenses. Overcome fears of leaving things behind when you don't have a PLAN for replacement.
You are One with this universe - You are ABUNDANCE. Don't worry.  You create your life with your thoughts and feelings.
You are in a HOLOGRAM that you have created - You have nothing to worry about - You only have to CREATE NEW and create changes that suit you.
This life is like a game - You add and you subtract - You TRANSFORM and change what you decide to, as you decide to.
These people you see are (mostly) only pieces of your game - They come and go as you decide.
Imagine a board game, a computer game, BARBIES, creating a puzzle to put together and take apart, Play-Doh, Legos, sand castles, drawing pictures as you like or want, then throwing away what you don't want and drawing something new instead.
Everything you see is created by you - You are in a "snow globe" - It is not real - It's only as real as you decide it to be.

What do you want? A million dollars? Draw it, play it, create it, add it to your game of life. It IS that easy and that simple - You are an alchemist of LIFE --> but you are also the Creator. When you want something, ask YOUR SELF for it - If you feel like you need help, we are all One and our energies are the FORCE within and "without" - but there is no without - We (including you) are EVERYTHING.
Your life is like a movie. You observe - BUT - You are actually the writer, producer and director. The people you see After a few deep, cleansing breaths and some time clearing my mind, I rested my own thoughts, and "Breaking confining patterns" came to mind. So, I sat back with my pen and notepad to write down what else came to me. Not surprisingly, are the characters. They are the background and YOU cast the main characters and determine how big a part you play in each scene.
Your life is like Photoshop...You layer what you desire to see and you delete or hide what's no longer making sense. If you need to adjust, you adjust the layer. You add depth and you transform the scene/image as necessary. You create as high, low, wide and deep as you desire and you keep adding to/expanding the "image" to create as much or take away as little as you see fit. And you can scrap it all and start again - through death (physical and otherwise).
New beginnings come as you decide and allow.
Will you hold onto a shitty creation simply because you created it or will you let it go and start anew?
You have these choices -
This is your life.

What do you want? Freedom?
It's yours - Create it. DECIDE to add it to your game of life - This is ALL as fun as we make it.
I ask: Add it in how?
Simply by deciding to do so.
Do you want more time to do more of what you love?
Take it. The world will adjust around you. If you're fearful to do so, you're creating that fear and it will manifest as you create it...Maybe as a splotch here, or a "mistake" there - But if you understand and KNOW that your life is whatever you are creating it to be - and it is all in good fun if you receive it to be - then you will not need to feel afraid or worried - Every character or game piece is only here as long as you've seen fit.

What do you want? To sit beside the lake outside your sprawling green oasis?
As you see it, so you can be it. Create it - What you feel in your mind is intended to be created in your life game. It is waiting for you to create it - It is ASKING to be created. "What you seek is seeking you," says poet Rumi.
The same way a songwriter creates a song s/he sees in the mind, so you are to create your own versions of life.
As an author or poet creates their works, so are you to create yours.
As a painter creates their art from what arises within, so are you to create your life as your art.
LIFE is no different than any of these. Rather than creating these bits and pieces of "art" - create your entire story.
Rather than simply using your creativity to express one piece of yourself - use it to deliberately create your whole Self's picture.
You are already creating, now create ALL of "You" - on purpose and with the full knowing that what is real is what's real to you.

I ask: I see this day as I've created it - If I want to create it bigger, how do I do so? I see the concept but I don't KNOW the concept tangibly.
DO what you want. Make that decision and life falls into place accordingly. Be confident in that decision. FEEL no fear or hesitation - You are the universe and you are abundant in freedom and creation.
Allow flow - in and out - the cool breeze on your sunny days.

*GASP* - Awe man, that was the end. I was totally into it and turned the page just now and it was blank! Bummer.  I want to know what the hell the "snow globe" thing is about. I can see it, but I can't really put it together fully. Like, are we in our own oddly shaped bubble? Is someone looking in at us...like, ALIENS?! I just have so many questions about the snow globe. Wait, what's the similarity between a snow globe and a hologram? When it's time for me to understand, I will. 
Anyhow, I don't have all the answers and I don't always understand everything, but I figure at least I can begin to share what comes to me. For years, I've asked questions and received compelling answers that have changed the way I think, the things I believe and the way I live...Maybe some of these answers will catch your attention too. Much love and blessings.

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