You Can’t Win in Life if You’re Losing in Your Mind

You can't win in life if you're losing in your mind. - unknown 

Do you consider yourself a big thinker? Most people would, although most people don't expand their minds into the "big thinking" realm that we need for true success, in any area in life. All success starts in the mind. When we make the decision to transform our thoughts into positivity and belief, we've taken the first steps toward abundance & prosperity, whether that be materialistically, in health, our dream career, love, happiness and so on.  
Many people think they can achieve lasting success while maintaining thoughts that don't serve their higher purpose. While fleeting bouts of achievements may flow inconsistently, they will not stand the test of time without first disciplining your mind.
Not enough of us analyze our thought patterns, mostly because not many of us are aware of our thoughts in the first place. It's easy to feel like our mind controls us when we can't focus, can't be still, can't stop thinking about something painful or unfortunate, can't sleep or can't take our minds off of things we don't want to think about any longer. But the truth is, we CAN. We can control each of these things if we're willing to put forth some effort toward reprogramming our minds. 
I've had to fully reprogram my mind more than once. Completely taking everything I've learned in regards to spirituality, success, mindfulness, thoughts, abundance, love, religion, business, happiness and money off the shelf and starting over with a clean late, despite what family and friends, associates or society would think, wasn't easy for me, as old beliefs and expectations were constantly trying to force their way back into my mind (they need a place to live, of course).
Stripping myself of beliefs that no longer served my higher purpose, my most powerful me, was entirely necessary in order for me to begin living the life I've always dreamt of. 
You know that life, right? The one where you're doing everything you've always wanted to do, laughing and living freely, on the beach or in the mountains or your sprawling office overlooking the city or your contemporary home that reflects exactly who you are. The life where you have everything you've ever wanted, like all the money and material things that you like to play with, the home, the people, the accolades, the love. That life that, whatever it entails, makes your spirit jump with excitement when you think about it, that's the life that I'm referring to.
Wait, have you thought about that life? I ask because many of us don't actually put thought and vision toward the life we desire. So if you haven't done that (and consistently...like, daily), then this is an absolute must. In order to live out a better, more happy and fulfilling life, we have to first see it. If we can't see it, it's very difficult to believe it's possible...and when we don't truly believe it's possible, that doubt will most likely block it from coming to us. The best and quickest, more sure way to see that life is in our mind.
We were born with an imagination that is meant to be put to use. This imagination is intended to create the lives we desire (amongst other things). This imagination is exactly what created the cities we live in, the homes in which we reside, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the companies we work for/with, the restaurants we eat in and the planes, boats, trains, taxis and buses we travel in. I'm not exactly sure why so many of us don't tap into our imagination more often, it's one of the most exciting things I like to do. It's fun! It makes me feel good, and great things always spawn from these moments of imaginative focus, just basking in the things I see in my head (that I want to soon see in my life).
First come winning thoughts, then come winning actions.

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