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Ep 3 The One About Divine Guidance

Hi everyone. Welcome to the esoteric blueprint, practical mysticism for professional freedom. My name is Ashley LaRae Sampson, and today I want to talk about divine guidance. So I specifically want to go over four different types of divine guidance that we are probably getting on a daily or even moment by moment basis. And we either probably don’t recognize what it is or donโ€™t recognize what it means. So without recognizing what our divine guidance is or without being able to decipher what our divine guidance means, it’s very difficult for us to streamline our decision-making process and to feel confident and decisive in general. And I really want to make sure that we all can recognize these things so that as things are popping up, we understand how to make these decisions based off of our own guidance, our own self-empowerment, and our own connection with our ideal self and our higher self.

So if you haven’t listened to episode one and done the visualization in episode two yet, please go back and do that because that is the foundation for everything I’m going to talk about moving forward. So basically I want us to begin aligning with our ideal self, aligning with our true power that we have within and recognizing how to make those decisions based off of our own inner knowledge. So today I’m going to teach you how to recognize and connect with your own divine guidance. I’m going to go over clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairesentience. Okay, so the most common Claire, we will call them Claires. The most common type of Claire that we know about is clairvoyance. And that’s divine seeing. So basically seeing images, colors, symbols, energies, movements, permissions, and your dreams. I mean, it could be, you know, just seeing different types of animals or I mean, it really, the list could go on with what you could see.

And you may see these things inside your head. You may see these things kind of like outside of you. Or you may be seeing these things consistently on TV, on your phone, on a billboard, in a tree on the street. You see what I’m saying? So once you start recognizing or seeing things over and over, what I want you to do is don’t just pass it by. If you’re seeing something two times, three times, four times, five times, take a look at that deeper. So look into it. So let’s say you’re seeing the color green consistently, right? Look at what that means and then do some research on what that could mean for you. So another type of divine guidance I want to talk about is Claire audience. Now, clairaudience is basically clear hearing divine hearing, and that’s for a few, obviously can hear things.

So I hear tones, I hear songs I hear different sounds all around me consistently. I mean all the time. But a lot of people will hear things like they’ll hear the same word over and over and over. They’ll hear the same lyrics or the same sentence from songs, different songs over and over and over. You know, basically if it’s like, ah, I’ve been hearing that. That’s obviously clairaudience. But to go even deeper, maybe you’re hearing tones, maybe you’re hearing sounds, maybe you hear music inside of your head or it might even seem like it’s outside of your head, but you don’t really know where it is. Maybe you’re hearing things too that are giving you a very clear indication of what needs to happen next and you’re just not necessarily recognizing that that’s divine guidance. So if you are hearing things, okay, listen to what’s being said.

Sometimes it’s from a video, sometimes it’s from a person sometime, I mean it could be a random stranger on the street and you hear something and you’re like, Oh my gosh, you know what? So I want you to focus when you’re hearing things consistently now. Okay? And do some more research. Just like with clairvoyance, just like with all of these, just like with everything ever say, do some more research to dig in deeper about how that is affecting you and how you can learn how to dig into that deeper on your own. And of course over time I’ll talk in more depth about these things, but we just don’t have the time to talk about that right now. Every single detail. Cause I mean, this is like 10 minutes long, you know. Anyway, so the next one I want to talk about is clairsentience.

And a lot of people experience clear sentience and don’t even realize it. So clairsentience is clear, feeling like divine feeling. So a lot of us get goosebumps, right? Ooh, I got goosebumps. Or I got angel bumps or goose pimples. I already called them something different. So when you’re getting goosebumps and you’re like, ah, I recognize like this feels so good, that means that you’re, you’re telling yourself something, right? You’re getting divine guidance right there. What feels so good when you’re getting goosebumps and you feel good like that? Like obviously you’re on the right track. So other things people can feel, this one can really vary too, but some people might feel nauseous, they might get headaches over certain things. I feel pressure points in my body. So, um, when my third eye, you know, is being worked on, I’ll feel, I’ll feel like a pressure point in my forehead.

Or if my crown chakra is being worked on, I’ll start feeling like tingles on the top of my head, right? So it could be a lot of different things. It doesn’t just necessarily have to be something so obvious is goosebumps coming from the outside, from the inside out. You might feel a gust of wind go past your face and you’re like, what is that? There’s no reason for that. If you’re feeling these things consistently, look into them, do some research, but before you even look into stuff, ask yourself, what does this mean? What could this mean? Right? Cause you do already know. You just might not have dug deep enough into the layers to truly figure it out. Okay. So some other things that might be more like clairsentience is, uh, let me think. Hot flashes, numbness. Even anxiety or feeling alarmed can be clairsentience.

So really just pay attention in general to how you’re feeling. If you’re aware of your chakras, I’ll talk about chakras another time too. But if you’re aware of your chakras and what they mean, you might be feeling sensations or feeling certain energy in those areas too. And that’s going to give you a very clear direction of exactly what you’re being told, what you’re being guided to. And that’s why it’s important to learn all kinds of shit, not just this basic stuff, because the chakras can tell you a lot. So maybe the next episode I’ll do on chakras.

So the last piece of divine guidance that I want to talk about is claircognizance. So that’s clear knowing or divine knowing. So for some that could mean an answer or concept just drops into your mind out of nowhere. It could mean that you are maximizing or you’ve been able to maximize your brain capacity in one way or another in one area.

So you might just know a lot about this one thing and you might not really know why, like how do I know all this or how did all this stuff come to me? A lot of that is claircognizance too. And also ideas. So, I’m an idea factory, and I’m super claircognizant. So I’ll be sitting with somebody and just ideas will be popping into my head, popping, popping in, ideas for everybody for everything. That’s claircognizance. So sometimes we’re known as the know it all, but it’s true. We just happen to know all of these things and it seems like there’s no good reason and that’s because we are claircognizant. It’s just a higher divine knowledge that we have that we’re able to tap into to ourselves.

So without digging any deeper into all these things, because I could do each one of them individually and have a whole bunch of time on that, I want to remind everybody that we are all, all of these things.

So we just might not necessarily be honed in in the same way that we’re honed in and other areas. So we all have something that we can resonate with. So either we have a little bit of clairvoyance, a little bit of claircognizance, a little bit of clairaudience or a little bit of clairsentience. There is one of them that’s going to be a little bit stronger automatically. And I’m sure you can probably pinpoint for yourself which one that is. So moving beyond that, you can actually develop your abilities and every single one of those areas.

I read a book from Doreen Virtue, it was called divine guidance, actually and I think it was three or four years ago. It was the best book for me as I wanted to tap into my divine guidance. And there’s so many other resources out there that will really teach us what is our divine guidance and how do we tap into it.

So don’t wait for me to put out more content before you figure this stuff out because you can be learning how to follow your divine guidance every single day. Then you could narrow down to every moment of every day. You can figure out how to tap in and make the right decisions for yourself so that you can truly align with your ideal self.

So let me recap real quick. There are four common types of divine guidance. Use your intuition. Figure out what you’re really telling yourself and follow it, that’s going to streamline your success. It’s going to get you to the next level way quicker. And you’re not going to be asking everybody for advice all the time. Questioning yourself, doubting yourself, worrying about what decisions you’re making because you’re going to know, and obviously in the very beginning, it’s not always that easy. So as time goes on, you’re going to get better and better and better. It’s almost like you just need to practice more, right? So pick one of these that you want to focus in on more and just start practicing. And if you want to know how to practice, look it up online. There’s so many resources. Okay guys, I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Thank you for listening. And please fall in line with your divine guidance so you can become closer to your ideal self quicker and quicker.

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