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Ep 4 The One About Your Chakras

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Esoteric Blueprint: Practical Mysticism for Professional Freedom. My name is Ashley LaRae Sampson, and today I want to teach you a little bit about your chakras. So I started studying out and learning more about my chakras about four years ago, specifically with meditation. And then about two years ago, I really started digging deep and learning so much. What I found was that learning more and more about your chakras and learning how to really work with your chakras and focusing on your chakras is one of the most important tool kits, like an entire tool kit that you have from the esoteric realm.

So I want to teach you guys about the seven most popular chakra energy centers that we have and then teach you guys how to start connecting those with your everyday life so that you can start healing, start releasing, start clearing the blockages, and start getting where you want to get a little bit quicker, simply by pinpointing different parts within your body and what that really means for you.

Now, one thing we know for sure is that everything in the universe is made up of energy. Now, with that being said, we have to remember that when we’re thinking about our bodies and the way that we work as well. So we have seven main energy centers that I’m gonna talk about today. That’s the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye chakra, and your crown chakra. Now let me get a little bit deeper into each of those so that you have an idea of what I’m even talking about, where they are and what they signify. Another time I’ll get deeper into each individual chakra. However, this is so important because I want you to learn how to use your energy centers to guide you through your journey and provide you with insight into where you con place your focus for some universal energy assistance. That’s what I’m gonna call it. So that’s what I have learned how to do. And I want to teach you guys how to do the same thing as I’m running through these different chakras.

I want you to listen for different things that you resonate with, whether it’s keywords, whether it’s an idea. Let’s say, for example, as I start talking about the root chakra, you realize that something that I’m saying makes sense for you. In that case, take note of that and then study out the root chakra on your own, in your own time, even deeper. That is your responsibility. I’ll give you more information later. But you guys, come on, we’ve got to start digging in because the time is now for us to live the lives that were supposed to live, live the lives that we want to live, that we chose to live, that we really, really, really desire to live, and that starts with us.

So I want to first talk about the root chakra. This chakra is the foundation. Some people call it the base chakra. It really is the base. It sits at the base of our spine, our tail bone. The root chakra is associated with the color red. So if you are seeing a lot of red, if you are resonating with a lot of red, if you’re feeling red, this is a number one indicator to maybe start focusing on your root chakra. So this chakra is all about foundation. It’s all about security, confidence, safety, financial stability, and feeling grounded, feeling like you’re taken care of, feeling like you have nothing to worry about, feeling like you’re steady, like you are strong. So if you’re feeling off in any of these areas, take a look at your root chakra. If you’re having money problems, if you’re having problems feeling secure, feeling stable, feeling abundant, feeling prosperous, take a look at your root chakra, learn more about your root chakra. What we want to do is start cleansing and clearing and balancing out all of our chakras. You want to start with the root, with the base and go all the way up to the crown, all the way up through all seven. So if you’re feeling insecurity, if you’re feeling uneasy, if you’re feeling unstable, if you just don’t feel quite right, if you don’t feel grounded, take a look and learn more about your root chakra.

So I’m going to add a few meditations to this podcast, like in the description box. Those are things that I started doing many years ago so that I could start cleansing and clearing even when I didn’t exactly know how to focus in the proper way. And even that even five minutes a day will help you start getting into the energy, start getting into the space where you are, putting a focus on yourself and learning how to clear out what you need to clear out. So when I’m feeling ungrounded when I feel like shit is just not quite right, and I know it stems down to my root chakra, a few things I’ll do is I will actually eat more, and I’ll eat more red foods because I want to ground myself down, heavier foods. I also wear red, red is my favorite color. However, I’ll actually intentionally use certain colors to enhance my chakras, to enhance the power of my chakras because, as I mentioned, if you’re feeling certain ways, it could be your root chakra. Think about if you want to expand and enhance those certain things. If you want to be more secure, be more financially stable, be more confident, then you want to also take a different focus on the root chakra to enhance it to maximize the power of your energy center. And as you start learning more about your own chakras and how your chakras work for you, you’re going to notice there are a lot of other tools to help enhance our chakras too. Different gemstones, calling on different angels. It’s not just these few things that I’m mentioning, I’m just giving us a brief overview. A great question to ask yourself here with the root chakra is do you feel safe in this world? If not, do some root chakra work.

With that being said, I want to move on to the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is our second chakra. It’s our second energy center, and this is basically right around the reproductive organs. So, let’s say it’s about 2 to 3 inches beneath your belly button if you want to visualize it that way. This chakra, the sacral chakra, is associated with the color orange. Now, this is all about creative energy, arts, imagination, sexuality, reproduction pleasure. So if you’re feeling any kind of lack in any of those areas, take a look at your sacral chakra and start working on balancing and healing your sacral chakra. So with this one, a great question ask yourself is, do I feel sexually and creatively free? If you don’t feel sexually and creatively free, then you probably need some sacral chakra work. However, if you do and you just want to enhance that, then there’s ways to do that, too. So eating orange foods, wearing the color orange, placing a greater focus on your own creativity on your own power centers, doing more creative things, being more sexually creative, being more open. The pleasure that we are asking for in our lives, a lot of that comes from the sacral chakra, so placing the greater focus on that area and learning how to surround ourselves with more creative and more sexual energy, overall safe energy, right? We just came from the root chakra, so it’s all about being safe, but being sturdy and strong in those particular areas, and that’s what you want to do. We’re way too repressed, and we need to be way more free and allow our energy to expand and expand and expand and expand in the creative energy field because that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to create. So the root chakra was all about grounding, with the sacral chakra, it’s all about creating. The focus on the sacral chakra and your surroundings can be through candles, too. Sexual energy is great with candles, creative energy is great with candles, and the sacral chakra is all about that fire, you know, the root chakra was all about the grounding, sacral chakra is all about that fire. So incorporating fire, incorporating artwork, anything that’s gonna make you feel like like you’re really understanding your own pleasure and what you truly care about specifically. For the sacral chakra, get orange candles, surround yourself with orange, wear orange. With the root chakra, get red candles. Surround yourself with red artwork.

Although the main goal here is just to focus on these energy centers so that we can really pinpoint what we need to clear out so we can level up. Our biggest thing here is really just leveling up, using the tools from the universe, using everything we have at our disposal to make ourselves align with that ideal self that we talked about in episode one. Speaking of episode one about your Ideal Self, if you haven’t listened to episode one, the one about your ideal self and episode two, which is the visualization about your ideal self, please go back and do that before you continue on with any of these because that’s really the whole base. It’s the whole foundation of everything I talk about because my whole goal here is to teach you how to align with your ideal self. So that’s really important. Please go back and listen that if you haven’t already.

The next chakra I want to talk about is your solar plexus chakra. This is your third chakra. You can imagine the solar plexus chakra about 2 to 3 inches above your belly button, and this one is associated with the color yellow. Think of solar, think of sun, the color yellow. This one’s all about your self esteem, your determination, your personal power, your independence. So what I want you to think of here is do you feel like you have a low self esteem in any particular area? Do you feel like you’ve lost some of your personal power. Do you feel like you’re lacking some independence or like you’re not quite determined? Do you feel like you’re not exactly the sunny, bright, amazing person, that happy person you should be? This chakra is all about your joy, your happiness, feeling at peace with your self. So here, we can place focus on stepping out into the sunlight, spend more time outside if you need to. That’s how you can really start enhancing and cleansing your solar plexus chakra. Of course, as we go back to the colors, yellow foods bananas, lemons, or wearing yellow clothes. I’m not a big yellow person, but let me tell you when I feel like I’m a little bit down, I’m gonna put some yellow on somewhere, even if you guys don’t see it. So just think of all those little creative, unique ways that you can enhance your focus on these particular chakras. If you want to be happy, if you want to feel free, if you’re feeling like you’re not quite happy and free in those areas, take a look at your solar plexus chakra.

So, our fourth chakra is our heart chakra. Our heart center, our energy center within the heart. This is such an important place for us to consistently be focusing our attention on, our heart gets beaten up so much with love and financially, so it’s not just one way or the other. So with this being said, you can imagine that your heart chakra is that energy center is basically right middle of your chest, where your heart would be. And this chakra is associated with the color green. Here, I want you to think about not only love, but your capacity for compassion, for others and for yourself, empathy, abundance in both love and money, being emotionally open, emotionally available, being open to the world, open to what has to come to you, open to what you truly want. If our heart chakra is closed off or it’s all mucked up, how do we expect to actually receive the things we want to receive? So here I want you to focus on how to cleanse, clear and expand your heart chakra. So think about the areas where you might be feeling some kind of triggers with your heart chakram in your heart where you might be feeling like you’re kind of closed off, like you’re maybe even greedy, or like you’re not receiving what you want to receive, like you’re not getting the love you want or the abundance you want, because love and money, love and abundance, love and prosperity, it’s all right around the same energy level. So if we’re not open to one, it’s really hard to be open to the other. And especially, we want all of these chakras to be in alignment so that once we have what we want, once we can recognize what we want, we feel safe and secure within it, and then we can open up and expand out and share. You know, they talk about your cup runneth over. That’s what we want, and that’s going to start with the heart chakra. Surround yourself with green, eat green foods, at leafy green foods, surround yourself with the color green. I wear the color green so much because I understand the importance of me keeping my heart open now. You guys may not see me wearing the color green, it might be underneath my clothes, it might be my shoes, it might be my socks, it could be even gemstones that I’m carrying. But this is one of the chakras that we really want to start digging deep into so that we can actually open up and receive everything we want and then be able to turn around and share that out.

Okay, guys, we’re moving right along. The fifth chakra I want to talk about is the throat chakra, and this chakra is deeply important to me, obviously, as I’m speaking now. It’s all about self expression and how easily you speak and love and live your truth. And that is such a hard one for so many of us. So the throat chakra can be so helpful to work on. The throat chakra is associated with the color blue. You can imagine that energy center right around your throat, it makes a lot of sense right? Here we want to focus on our creative self expression, how are we creatively expressing ourselves in the world. Is it making sense, is it in alignment, are we authentic, are we sincere, are we saying what we really need to say? Do we talk too much? Do we talk to little? Is there a balance there? When I say we need to balance our chakras, that’s what I mean. Is it too much of one thing? Too little of another thing? How do we pull it back together in the center and balance those areas? And with the throat chakra, it’s key to balance that because we need to be speaking our truth. We need to be comfortable saying what we need to say. The goal here is that we have no space where we do not feel comfortable saying what we need to say, speaking our truth, speaking out with complete confidence, with complete openness, with complete creativity and complete groundedness. That’s why I talk about all the other chakras being just as important as any other. We have to balance it all together so that we can have that sturdy, steady, stable ways that we present ourselves to the world. So for me personally, I have placed a heavy focus on my throat chakras over the years because I knew that there’s a lot of things I need to say. Case in point, I’m talking right now and I wasn’t always so comfortable speaking or I didn’t always feel like I was safe to speak out. And there’s so many different reasons for that, right? So I’ve spent a lot of my focus on the color blue. If you come to my house, you’ll see little blue accents all over. They’re all over here and that’s for a reason. I also will wear blue when I’m speaking in an important meeting, an important presentation, important workshop, or when I’m doing public speaking in general. So I might have a blue gemstone, I might have on blue underwear, it could be on my socks. Like I said before, I just make sure that I am pulling in all of the tools and resources that I need to make sure that I’m doing a damn good job of what I’m doing. And it’s simple things like just placing that focus and surrounding yourself with the colors that remind you of that focus.

Okay, so the sixth chakra is probably the most well known chakra. It’s called the third eye chakra, And we’ve all heard at least a lot of us have heard of the third eye. So you can imagine the third eye chakra being basically right between your brows. You know, on your forehead. This chakra is associated with the color indigo. And this is all about your intuition, your ability to see from a higher or a broader perspective, and your alignment with the universe. And that is so important. Can you see through the bullshit or can you not see through the bullshit? People tell me that one of my superpowers is being able to see through the bullshit. Well, I’ve been focusing on my third eye shocker for over, like, five years now. Oh, it’s been even longer than I said earlier. I said four years. No, you guys, it has been at least five years. That’s interesting. Maybe even longer.

So with your third eye chakra, you want to think about, are you seeing clearly. Are you in disillusionment? Are you disillusioned by any particular thing that you are viewing around you? Probably so, in which case, we need to focus on our third eye chakra too. We need to focus on our ability to see past the illusions, to see past the veil, to see through the veil, to see who we truly are, to see what’s truly happening around us, to be connected with this inner knowledge and inner wisdom that we’re receiving all the time from the universe. And then from that connection, how is our perspective being affected? So with the third eye chakra, you want to cleanse and clear your perspective, your perception. Everything starts from what the hell we think, which all stems from what the hell we think we’re experiencing. You see what I’m saying? So being able to cleanse and clear and then maximize your third eye chakra will help you to see past all the shit that you’re going through now, past all the shit that everybody is going through now, and into a brighter space where you can actually see the long term, the higher view, the higher perspective that we need to be coming from if we’re truly going to streamline our success and streamline our happiness, streamline our alignment with our ideal self. Who was our ideal self if we don’t even know what our ideal self looks like, we don’t even know what that vision is inside of our mind. That’s why the third eye is so important. This is where a visualization is an excellent tool, and like I said, episode two, the visualization about your ideal self, is very important to go back and do if you haven’t yet, and do it again even if you have, because you might have something different this time you might see something different. But being able to visualize clearly, visualize what you truly want based off of the clarity that you’ve been working with, with all of the other chakras as well. We need to have them all in line, like I said. What are you seeing? And can you visualize a brighter life for yourself?

While we’re here speaking about a brighter life, let’s talk about the crown chakra. The crown chakra is your seventh chakra, and it’s basically right above the crown of your head, and this is associated with the color purple. So with the crown chakra, the whole focus here is all about enlightenment, spiritual connection, and learning how to maintain peace as you co-create the life that you love. And that’s one of the hardest parts, you guys. It’s not easy to create anything, let alone to co-create with the universe, that spiritual connection with God, with the God within you and the God all around you.. So as we’re focusing on the crown chakra, we want to think about the fact that we want enlightenment. We need enlightenment. We want to know the bigger and the brighter things. You want to have the highest perspective possible and learn how to be peaceful, in balance, steady, and sturdy while we co-create because we’re co-creating not only with God, not only with the universe, but with everybody around us, and every single thing around. Science will tell us that all day, every day. So we want to observe ourselves and observe where we may be lacking that spiritual connection, where we may be lacking bits of enlightenment, and where we can actually focus in and cleanse and clear those spaces too.

With the crown chakra, it’s all about you rising above. I need you to rise above to the highest perspective. I need you to rise above into the God within you, into your truest ideal self. That’s really what your ideal self is, your ideal self is the greatest god within yourself. I need you to rise up into that with the crown chakra so that you can actually feel at ease as you can experience everything that’s happening around you and know that you’re creating it, you’re doing it, and that you have the possibility of creating anything you want in this life as you focus in on your enlightenment and your true, deepest spiritual connection.

So now that I’ve given us a brief rundown of all seven of the chakras that I talked about, your root chakra, your sacral chakra, your solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, third eye chakra and your crown chakra, I want you to start recognizing where you need to bridge the gap between the current you that you are now and your ideal self. And now you can base some of that on your chakras, right? So as you learn more about the chakras and intentionally place more focus on embracing your guidance, you can use this knowledge and this ancient wisdom to cleanse and expand the power you hold within each. So do you need help really speaking all that you need to speak and speaking openly with power to others, whether it’s publicly or even in sensitive discussions? If so, focus on the throat chakra.. Do you need help or do you want to learn how to attract more love and support romantically, with friends financially, coworkers, clients? Awesome, that’s the heart chakra. So study out the chakras on your own even more, and learn more about how you can tap into your own power to propel you forward into the greater depths of your success and your happiness.

To harness that power, find some YouTube meditations, intentionally honor certain colors, become and stay aware of your emotions and your physical feelings, notice your energy, and learn to assign it to different chakras so that you’ll know where to start and what to start working on next. Because with all of your chakras completely balanced and aligned, you become the most powerful person, more powerful than you have ever been, from within.

If you need more help aligning with your ideal self, just reach out to me. My information is below. That’s what I do with my clients, and I’m happy to help you too. I hope everybody has a wonderful day, bye.

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