Who Needs a Car When You Have a Canoe? – Honduras

Who Needs a Car When You Have a Canoe? - Honduras

Bala Shine


Not many people in the village need a car. Yes, there were plenty of people with cars, but there were also plenty of people without them. I learned how to get around in Roatan's wild busses, crazy taxis and, my favorite of all, a boat (thanks to Bala). 


Approaching the island from the view above was breathtaking for me; It was the view I've long imagined as where my dream home would sit: on a beach, in a mountain, nestled in green trees. I didn't know for sure where it existed but as I looked ahead of me, I realized it exists and I was there, right in front of it all.



The mangrove: miles and miles of shaded water surrounded by eclectic winding branches and greenery. Well, they call it "mangro" but I'm pretty sure my autocorrect and spell check have a different idea of what's happening here.


Bala Shine


A simple canoe, decorated in beautiful colors and handled by people who need nothing more than a simple canoe to have a great time. 



And...Uncle floats around the sea, blending in with the horizon, in total peace and freedom.