Why Personal Happiness is the Most Beneficial Goal

Why Personal Happiness is the Most Beneficial Goal

Ashley LaRae_Honduras

"Look who's laughing now that you wasted how many years and you've barely even tasted anything remotely close to everything you've boasted about, look who's crying now." - Jack Johnson, F-Stop Blues

I've been a huge Jack Johnson fan since I first heard his debut album in my early years of college, and the quote above has stuck with me since the moment it flowed through my ears...I never wanted to be the person he's referring to, the one who never experiences barely anything even remotely close to all the things I boast about. 
I know those people, I feel compassion toward those people because I know how easy it is to let life pass us by, with big hopes and dreams, boasting of things to come that eventually fade away into the far off distance. A memory of a dream, not even a dream in itself. In college, I had big dreams that could have easily slipped away from a few bad decisions that altered the course of my life. But I never let go of my intentions to live out my best life possible, and this kept me pushing forward even with tears streaming down my cheeks as I approached my university classrooms. 
Years later, I nearly saw it all slip away again when I wasn't grounded deep enough in my higher Self to handle the pressures buckling down on me as a young businesswoman trying to stand sturdy in the corrupt and insecure Entertainment industry. 
And again, years later when I lost sight of the deepest, most special and unique parts of my inner being after joining an (eh hem, cult-) church that initially brought me the perception of security and community behind a thick veil of seclusion and fear. 
Watching my dreams of Light, Love and Courage slip so far away so easily is something that I'll never take for granted because these experiences taught me the importance of living life to its fullest, as my own being, in my own way, following my own path, on my own journey, with my own mission and striving to live out my own purpose daily.
From this, I've learned that my happiness is the  most important benefit to myself, the people around me and the expansion of a positive universe.
When I am happy, I can spread happiness, light and love. When I am myself, in all my quirks and beauties, I give others permission to be themselves. When I am free, I give others permission to be free.
We have the right to live out the exact life that calls to our spirit, the life that stays in our vision when we sit back and think about our deepest desires. We are here for those reasons, to live a good life and to help others to live their good lives, too.
Now, I take my moments and make the best out of them. I do what I can to live out what I love. I know the importance of making decisions that take me closer and closer to the deepest happiness I can feel within, as this will make this world a better place, in one way or another.
Sitting back and letting life pass us by is the equivalent to dying before we die.



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